• Steypustöðin

    Steypustöðin began operations in 1947 and was a pioneer in Europe in producing concrete from concrete trucks, thus paving the way for construction in Iceland during the most prosperous period in Icelandic history after the end of the Second World War. Steypustöðin is the biggest ready-mix manufacturer in Iceland.

  • Concrete

    Steypustöðin's main activity is the production of wet concrete, where great emphasis is placed on quality issues and all additives and fillers used in the concrete are in accordance with the requirements of building regulations. We are constantly working on product development and implementation of innovations in production. In fact, it can be said that wet concrete produced today is a high-tech product that is created by computer-controlled production processes that begin in the concrete plant and end with pumping from a concrete truck to a construction site. The company runs its own laboratory where the quality of all production processes is constantly monitored.

  • Paving stones, screed and masonry

    In addition to the production of wet concrete, slabs, paving stones and everything that belongs to them are produced in a perfect slab factory at Álfhella in Hafnafjörður, and the company operates a masonry shop in Malarhöfði, where high-quality masonry materials that the company imports are sold. Steypustöðin also offers the services of screed vehicles that provide services for new construction and improvements throughout the country with various types of flooring materials.

  • Precast production in Borgarnes

    With Steypustöðin's acquisition of Loftorka Borganes in 2016, Steypustöðin expanded its service network to its customers significantly in precast units, hollow core plates, filigree plates and concrete pipes. Loftorka Borgarnes is like Steypustöðin a well-established company, founded in 1962 and has over the years developed from being a service provider with air compressors, from which its name is derived, to being one of the country's most powerful precast unit plants in concrete units and pipes. Today, the operation is in more than 12,000 square meters of housing.

  • Mining

    In 2018, Steypustöðin bought and merged the companies Alexander Ólafsson and Tak-Malbik, which were founded in the 1980s. The merged company has extensive and powerful machinery for material processing and not least experienced human resources with knowledge and experience in material processing. Steypustöðin's mines - Vatnskarðsnáman and Hólabrúarnáman - are important suppliers of minerals for practical projects in the country as well as producing for Vegagerðin and municipalities. The mines place great emphasis on continuing as development work has taken place in the recycling of waste materials, both for asphalt and concrete.

  • Location

    teypustöðin's headquarters are at Malarhöfði in Reykjavík. Offices and the company's largest concrete plant are located there. Steypustöðin also has concrete plants in Selfoss, Vík í Mýrdal, Helguvík, Hafnafjörður and Borgarnes. The company's service capacity covers a large area in Iceland and the company can serve a large part of the population when it comes to concrete, paving stones, slabs, masonry, precast units and everything related to structures in the construction industry. Around 300 staff members work for Steypustöðin in these locations.

  • Concrete Award

    Steypustöðin has won many awards in its field, including the Concrete Award, which has been given five times in recent years. There, Steypustöðin has received awards for the projects Blue Lagoon Retreat, reconstructions of Nýja Bíó and a pedestrian bridge over Njarðargata and Hringbraut in Reykjavík.

  • Stronger and smarter distribution

    All of Steypustöðin's cars and pumps are connected to a smart system with GPS equipment that calculates distances, time, fuel consumption, carbon emissions and other useful information. The smart system is then equipped with detailed delivery schedules that send an SMS message to customers when the concrete truck leaves, along with technical information on the concrete mixing.

  • Production capacity

    Steypustöðin's production capacity is over 600 m3 per hour. There are six fixed and two portable concrete plants that ensure increased flexibility and optimization for larger projects.

    The concrete plants (m3 per hour):
    Reykjavík (90)
    Hafnarfjörður (90)
    Helguvík (90)
    Selfoss (80)
    Borgarnes (80)
    Vík (30)
    Two portable concrete plants (150)