Iceland's Leading mining company

Iceland's Premium Mining company in Basalt and Concrete Aggregate

Steypstöðin is the biggest concrete producer in iceland, operating mining in different locations around Iceland. We have on stock naturally rounded aggregate for concrete, fine drainage material and rounded decorative basalt in big bulk. Ready for shipping from Iceland. 


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4-8mm aggregate from Bakki Quarry

Steypustöðin's rounded aggregate for concrete is the secret ingredient in structures that endure the test of time. It enhances the strength and longevity of concrete, making it an indispensable choice for builders and contractors who demand nothing but the best. 

Washed material ready for export

The material is washed in our hi-tech machines that run on electricity using enviromentally friendly technology to mine, move and wash material. 

We move material on electricity

Steypustöðin is commited to sustainable solutions in every possible circumstance. We have the first tipper truck in Iceland moving our material from production on 100% electricity.

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